China PC200-1 PC200-3 PC200-5 PC200-6 Front Idler and Recoil Spring Assy, Sprocket Wheel with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Komatsu Excavator PC200-1 PC200-3 PC200-5 PC200-6 CZPT idler and CZPT il CZPT Assy, CZPT wheel

Key phrase: PC200-1 CZPT idler
                  PC200-1 Recoil CZPT Assy
                  PC200-1 Idler
                  PC200-1 Sprocket wheel
                  PC200-1 track shoe assembly

                  PC200-3 Keep track of Reduce Roller
                  PC200-3 Carrier Roller
                  PC200-3 Idler
                  PC200-3 Sprocket wheel
                  PPC200-3 track shoe assembly

                  PC200-5 Observe Reduce Roller
                  PC200-5 Carrier Roller
                  PC200-5 Idler
                  PC200-5 Sprocket wheel
                  PC200-5 track shoe assembly

                  PC200-6 Observe Lower Roller
                  PC200-6 Carrier Roller
                  PC200-6 Idler
                  PC200-6 Sprocket wheel
                  PC200-6 track shoe assembly

Excavator Undercarriage Areas Applied Range:

>> CZPT  Excavator

EC15/EC20 EC25/thirty/35 EC55 EC140 EC290 EC290C EC340 EC360C EC460 EC700BLC

>> KOMATSU Excavator

PC20-3 PC30-1 PC30-7 PC45 PC56 PC50 PC60-1 PC60-5/6 PC60-7 PC75 PC1 00-2/3/5
PC200-1/2 PC200-3 PC200-5/6PC200-7 PC300-3 PC300-5 PC300-6 PC300-7 PC360-eight
PC400-5/6 PC600-6 PC650-1 PC650-5

>> CATERPILLAR / CAT Excavator 

E70B E307 E120B E312 E320 E322 E323 E227 E229 E300 E300BL E325/BL E345/BL E350 E365 E375 E385 E450

>> CZPT  Excavator

EX30 EX40-1 EX55 EX60-1/2/3 EX90-1 EX100-1 EX100M-1 UH043 UH053 EX200-1 EX200-2/3/five
EX220-1 EX270EX300-1/2/3 EX300-5 EX400-1 EX600 EX750 ZAX70 ZAX1 20 ZAX200 ZAX230
ZAX330 ZAX360 ZAX470

>> Sumitomo Excavator

SH60 SH70 SH100LC/LS2600LC SH120 LS2600 SH120-3 SH200A3 SH220-3 SH340 SH280 SH300/SH430 SH350-3 SH450 SH450A2 SH580

>> KOBELCO Excavator

SK50 SK03/SK60-3 SK60-5/6 SK60-8 SK100 SK120 SK140-8 SK05/SK04-2 K904C K907 SK04-one
SK200-3 SK200-5/SK230 SK260-8 SK07N2 SK220-1 SK300-1 SK300-3 SK320 SK330 SK400

>> CZPT Excavator PC200-1 PC200-3 PC200-5 PC200-6
      front idler and CZPT il CZPT Assy, CZPT wheel

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QINDING CZPT rs a extensive selection of Undercarriage Components & Elements including:

  • Keep track of Chains (Normal, CZPT Obligation & “PPR” Collection)
  • Forged and Cast CZPT Segments
  • Travel CZPT s
  • Idlers
  • Decrease Rollers
  • Carrier Rollers
  • Keep track of Tensioning Assemblies and Parts
  • Hefty Responsibility Forestry Roller and Loafer

Komatsu Excavator PC200-1 PC200-3 PC200-5 PC200-6 CZPT idler and CZPT il CZPT Assy, CZPT wheel

Ep prefabricated steel sprockets are manufactured of C1045 steel, induction hardened or heat-taken care of metal, 400 – 500 BHN hardness. You should specify the resources you need to have. Unless of course or else requested, the outdoors diameter of the hub need to be ample to accommodate the essential holes and keyways. Keys to these things are not supplied until requested or installed on the shaft. Break up sprockets for welding or split sprockets for bolts give an affordable way to set up sprockets on shafts the place elimination of the shaft assembly is prohibited. Numerous dimensions of sprockets are outfitted with holes, keyways, and established screws. Discs or partially completed sprockets are also stocked. For lengthy sprockets and idlers, specify the chain measurement utilized.
China PC200-1 PC200-3 PC200-5 PC200-6 Front Loafer and Recoil Spring Assy, Sprocket Wheel with ce certificate leading good quality Very good cost