China Self-Lubrication Nylon Sprocket Wheel Manufacture with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

Self-lubrication Nylon CZPT Wheel manufacture

Mc nylon implies monomer casting nylon, is a variety of CZPT plastics employed in thorough industries, has been used nearly each industrial field.
The caprolactam monomer is very first melted, and extra catalyst, then poured it inside of moulds at ambiance stress so as to condition in different castings, this sort of as: Rod, plate, tube. The molecule fat of mc nylon can attain 70, 000-one hundred, 000/mol, three occasions than PA6/PA66. Its mechanical qualities are much larger than other nylon materials, this kind of as: PA6/PA66. Mc nylon performs a far more and a lot more critical part in the substance record recommended by CZPT place.

Since the finish of 1980’s, HangZhou CZPT plastics industireis organization has devoting herself on establishing the engineering of mc nylon modification, significantly extended the apps in various industries. Basing on the mc nylon, bolstered with selection of additives for the duration of the reaction, this kind of as lubricant, molybdenum disulfide, graphite glass fiber, carbon fiber etc, to increase the houses, higher performance of use-resistance, corrosion-resistance, self-lubrication, vibration-absorption, noise-absorption. At the same time, as the technics and construction of the moulds is very easy, so that it can be manufactured in lower cost, turns into the excellent substitutes of bronze, stainless steel, babbitt alloy, PTFE and so on.

Oil nylon (green)
Oil nylon(inexperienced)is the new CZPT plastics that designed by HangZhou CZPT plastics industireis organization in the later on 1980’s by importing the CZPT d technology from nylacast Co., Ltd, British isles, was the initial reliable lubricating nylon that builds the liquid lubricant technique during the processing stage, which can make its coefficient of friction is 50% reduced than the basic PA6 or PA66, the put on-resistance is ten moments than the basic ones. Oil nylon is specially produced for the elements of CZPT -self-lubrication, hefty-loading and low-pace-managing, which certainly resulted in a significant enhance in bearing daily life- 5 moments that of common PA6 and twenty five instances that of phosphor bronze! The lubricant contained within the substance will not drain, adsorb or dry out and never ever demands replenishment. The uniform distribution of the lubricant during the item guarantees the continual overall performance of the parts over the entire support life and improvements in fee of use, sliding frictional qualities, abrasion resistance and adhere slip efficiency, which are just a few of the benefits supplied by this substance. Oil nylon has been effective in substantial enlarging the application of nylon in a lot of industries and especially for some un-lubricated working elements.

Other casting nylon:
Oil nylon + carbon (black)
Oil nylon extra carbon, has the extremely compact and crystal structure, which is better than the standard casting nylon in the performance of high mechanical strength, wear-resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance and so on. It is suitable for producing the bearing and other wear mechanical components.

Oil mc901(blue)
This enhanced mc nylon, has putting blue color, which is far better than basic PA6/PA66 in the performance of toughness, flexibility, tiredness-resistance and so on. It is the ideal substance of equipment, gear bar, transmission equipment and so on.

Mc nylon + mso2(mild black)
Mc nylon included mso2 can stay the affect-resistance and fatigue-resistance of casting nylon, as effectively as it can increase the loading capacity and put on-resistance. It has a broad application in creating equipment, bearing, earth equipment, seal circle and so on.

Property Merchandise No. Unit MC Nylon (All-natural) Oil Nylon+Carbon    (Black) Oil Nylon (Inexperienced) MC90 (Blue) MCNylon+MSO2(Gentle Black)
Mechanical Properties 1 Density g/cm3 one.fifteen 1.fifteen hundred thirty five 1.15 one.sixteen
two H2o absorption   (23ºCin air) % one.8-2. one.8-2. two two.three two.4
three Tensile power MPa 89 seventy five.three 70 eighty one seventy eight
four Tensile pressure at crack % 29 22.7 25 35 25
5 Compressive stress   (at 2%nominal pressure) MPa fifty one fifty one 43 47 forty nine
6 Charpy affect power (unnotched) KJ/m 2 No brak No crack ≥50 No BK No break
7 Charpy affect power (notched) KJ/m two ≥ ≥6.4 four three.5 three.5
8 Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 3190 3130 3000 3200 3300
9 Ball indentation hardness N/mm two 164 one hundred fifty a hundred forty five 160 a hundred and sixty
  10 Rockwell hardness M88 M87 M82 M85 M84


The tooth of a solitary pitch sprocket mesh with a single tooth for each sprocket. Double pitch sprockets search like one pitch sprockets, but the chain only meshes with the other tooth. This signifies that a double-pitch sprocket has the identical variety of tooth as a one-pitch sprocket, but only 50 percent of the teeth are engaged with the chain. The primary variation is that the double pitch sprockets are minimize with a unique pitch circle diameter for optimal engagement. For ep roller chains, the sprockets are the identical if the amount of tooth is 32 or much more for one and double chains.
China Self-Lubrication Nylon Sprocket Wheel Manufacture with ce certificate top quality Good price