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In 2008, it was awarded with “National Export Commodity Inspection-free Organization”. Good quality and credit score are the bases that make a company alive. Our major products are Needle Roller bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Rod finish Bearings, Spherical plain bearings, Observe roller Bearings for Guideway, Roller Bearings, Mix Bearings for forklifts, Drinking water Pump Bearings, SNR Automobile Bearings and all sorts of Spherical Bearings. Y26 hand-keep rock drill
Operation Guide

Usage Selection

Y26 type hand-keep rock drill is utilised at EPTs, Railway, irrigation and quarries to digging holes and for the second digging holes.

Y26 variety hand-maintain rock drill can be used be utilised to digging dry or damp by horizontal holes, vertical holes or angling holes on medium-challenging rock or difficult rock.

Product No. Y26 Hand Hold rock drill
Excess weight 26KG
Duration 655mm
air consumption 47L/S
affect frequency 23HZ
air strain .four-.63Mpa

Operating Principle
When the EPTT running,substantial-pressure air(or Pressurized gas) EPTTr into the air valve via handles by a managing air valve which will lead force gasoline into front cavity and back cavity of the cylinder entire body,piston do high-speed raptlywhich pushed by stress air,the squander air exhaust from the mouth.
(one) Strike stroke
When the procedure EPTs turn to the revolve position of EPTT,force air EPTTr into back again cavity of cylinEPTTbody from the procedure hole (one)by way of air place of handles (2) the gap of ratchet(three) the air route of valve’s go over(four) at this time valve hooked up with valve’s go over,outcome of closing the air EPTTr way of the return
stroke whilst open the air EPTTr way of the drive stroke,ring-like air roon(6)and the hole of valve.And therefore to drive piston moved EPTT,When the piston’s stop floor(A)soar in excess of the drive hole of valve which located in the back again cavity,force air drive valve to demand path by way of crescent moon-like via(8) and hole(5)the again cavity of air cylinEPTTstop EPTTring air.
When the piston open up the exhaust hole,the force air of again cavity inject air into the hole of exhaust hole from crescent mon-like via(nine) at this moment,Piston and the strike stroke by strike the back again of examining,strike stroke
When the strike stroke cross the hols of push valve,pressure a near the EPTTr air way of strike stroke and open the EPTTr air way reture strike(10)at the identical time by modifying route of push valve(5) At
this moment,Strain air EPTTr into the entrance cavity of cylinEPTTbody via manage bopdy’s air place
(two)ratchet’s hole(three) valve go over air route and return stroke’s hole,therefore to push piston return stroke.When the piston’s finish floor(B) cross the hole of press valve(eleven) which found in the front cavity,Strain air EPTTr into air valve through the gap of thrust valve(eleven))to change route of valve.Right after changing the route of
valve,pressure air closing the EPTTr air hole of return stroke(ten) instantly.And strain air exhaust when the piston bounce more than exhaust gap,piston keep on to go derived by inertia,and fashioned air cushion at
back cavity lastly as will as to stop piston transfer backward,as a result to end the moving of return stroke and begin the revolve.Return stroke
(two)Rock drill’s rotation relocating
The rotation of rock drill is relocating in the program of piston return stroke (fig.3) the interior massive end of piston has screw nut,which EPT together with piston.Spiral flower essential of spiral stick math with screw nut’s flower essential,the massive conclude of spiral adhere is a again-halting physique,I only can make spiral adhere transferring to the net path with the assist of brambles wheel and ratchet,but it can not reverse,it signifies in the training course of the piston strike to the drill rod,since of the flower kep of spiral ,the spiral stick can EPT unEPTTthe clockwise(it can see from rod to brambles wheel),when the piston do the return strike.Due to the fact of the back-halting entire body,it can not make spiral stick to move reversely,but it can make piston to go towards clockwise with the assist of the flower crucial of spiral adhere .This turnaround motion complete flip rock drill by turning rock drill sets to rock drill.
(three) EPT blowing artillery gap body
When need to have sturdy blowing artillery gap,it just switch the open up and close valve easern-135 degrtee,Near all the crescent moonlike(eight) (9)trough.And website link up the again cavity of valve with air by gap(5) At this second,because of the distinct of pressure,EPT closes the airing gap of entrance cavity whilst open the airing hole of the again vacity.Piston moved EPTT to rock tail unEPTTthe assist of strain air.With the support of stress air,a portion of the compressed air which EPTTr into the cylinEPTTbody,then blowing to the bottom of the artillery gap.An additional portion of the compress air is blowing into the base of artillery gap aEPTT the area of the spiral adhere and screw nut,the cEPTTr gap of piston quots interior cavity of the cEPTTr gap of the rod adhere ,as a result to complete the purpose of the EPTT blowing.
(four) Lubricate
When rock drill functions,the strain gas of the entrance cavity EPTTr into oil space aEPTT the trench of the XiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis. sleeve.Forcing the lubricants oil which eXiHu (West EPT) in the oil place EPTTr into the oil hole of the cylinder physique and reached the base of the cylinEPTTthrough the ring0like ditch and begin to lubricate by EPTTring to the inner areas of the EPTT.
(5)Y26 fashion rock drill may do dry or wet rock drill according to genuine require of the Operational web sites.if do wet rock drilling ,It should mounted h2o pipe and watering valve on the bend placement on watering pipe.Drinking water was managed by watering valve and EPTTrs aretillery hole by way of wind and drinking water needle and the gap of rock drill adhere .If do the dry rock drill ,h2o bolts ought to be unloaded and the wind bolts need to be installed.Strain gas into the human body by way of the gap of procedure valve(1),the air EPTTring hole of hand(two),wind EPTTring hole
of bolts (3) and water and wind needle ,then shaped blowing human body.
four. Operation amp Maintain
four.1EPTT’s operation and keep
(1) Because antirust grease coating on the internal floor of the perhaps polluted by intruded in transportation and in storage,the EPTT is not permitted to place into use immediately,in EPTT,dismantled and clear the major areas then reassemble,coat each and every frict surface with lubrication oil when it was reinstalled just before use it,force air should be on .3Mpa or returning it for about 10 minutes to verify whether it normal.
(two)The air force of airing pipe must be all around .4Mpa,if the air stress is as well substantial,the successful of the rock drill will reduced and at any time influence regular use EPTTs
(3) In orEPTTto keep away from filthy EPTTr into the internal physique that use and tear the EPTT,the EPTT must be cleaned prior to we use it. In addition to,we also ought to check out no matter whether the joint is taut.
(four)The oil area should be crammed with oil before working the EPTT and need to check the oil space for each and every three hours.
(five) This EPTT is set up in accordance to the dry situation.If want soaked rock drill,we must change the wind EPTTring bolts into the h2o EPTTring bolts and pipes.Soon after rock drilling,in orEPTTto make the EPTT antirusty,we need to cut off the EPTT resource, and clear the drips which still left on the EPTT.
(six) This EPTT is prohibiting to perform without the drinking water and winf needle,normally it will not work usually,and will destroy the internal areas,as a outcome of losing the function of watering or the purpose of
typical blowing .If it worked unEPTTdry rock drill ,chopping 50-60mm drinking water and wind needle is authorized.if operated like this,it can proEPTT the existence of the water and wind needle and enhance the EPTT of blowing.
(7) If the used EPTT ought to be held for a EPTT time,we need to cleanse it and smear anti-rusty oil it.
four.2 Drill procedure
(one) EPTT valve
The management valve is controlled by the procedure handles,which is the method to management the EPTT or blower.There are five situation for various kind of operate showed as (fig.eight)
(2) Open and closing valve
Open and closing valve is utilized to management the blowing artillery gap of the EPTT.It has two position confirmed as -strong blowing stop and EPTT commence to run.
4.3 Lubricate oil’s selecting
Very good lubrication is the EPTTant element of standard operation,ensure the lubrication every time before operation,the line oiler need to be checked to validate there is ample oil in it.. Checking the oil injecting operate,the oil flows steadily,price of oil flow have to be ensured,in any other case stop the EPTT to discover out the
trigger and just take measure to get rid of problems.

4.four Trunk streets,air stress and drinking water force
The pipe’s interior diameter of the EPT need to under 25mm,the EPTT duration must no much more than 30mm.The inner diameter of the loint of pipe and incubate ought to no more than 19mm,and the EPTT duration should no more than 15m.The working strain need to not surpass .6Mpa.Normally the EPTT is simple to be ruined and the rock drill is effortless to be broken .In the doing work issue is under .three Mpa,the EPTT also can perform but not quite effective.
Washing h2o pressure must decrease than air force,simply because if larger than the water stress,the EPT EPTTrs into EPTT body effortlessly as a result of destroying lubricate,EPTT and affect the successful of rock drill.And if the time is as well EPTT,the internal parts of the EPTT are rust easily.
4.five Drill steel
The dimension of the drill steel should be manufactured specifically illustrated in (fig ten),Otherwise might impact the drilling propertity .
(one)The end ranging from EPTC48-53.In any other case could lessen the serve time of the piston.
(two)The stop of the drill metal need to be sleek and vertical with cEPTTr of the rock drill,which was confirmed as (fig ten).if the stop of rock drill metal is unsmooth,the pistol is easy to be destyroyed and components of the drill steel’s stop are straightforward to crack.
(3)The drill metal is can not keep on to use if the conclude of the EPTT is dredging,or else,the pistol is also to be destroyed easily.
(four) If the conclude of drill metal is also EPTT or quick,it will lessen the productive of rock drill.
(5)The central hole in the shank must be EPT with the hexagon,if the eccentricity exceeds the tolerance illustrated in the drawing ,the water needle maybe broken effortlessly.if the coning angle of the drill metal head is inappropriate,this may affect the hyperlink dependability of the drill metal when assembled to take care of entire body.
4.6 technological security
Procedure handles and open up and closing manage ought to return back again before linking up with force gasoline.Just before managing the rock drill,we must verify whether the pipe nut and other parts of the EPTT are not unfastened.
When use the rock drill,we ought to spend attention to the drill metal apart from compliance with restrictions.

  in Denizli Turkey  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Rock Drill Bits Y26 Hand-Hold Rock Drill manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Denizli Turkey  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Rock Drill Bits Y26 Hand-Hold Rock Drill manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler