China Customized Self – Lubricating Fatigue Resistant POM Sprocket with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

CZPT plastic Pom CZPT wheel

POM(Polyformaldehyde) is a CZPT plastics of CZPT -facet-chain, large density, large crystalline and linear polymer, which is praised “Plastic Steel”, and has comprehensive exceptional performances, this sort of as: CZPT r-resistance, higher hardness, anti-impregnant, good rigidity (Tensile modulus of elasticity), chemical stability, isolation resistance and dimensional steadiness. POM has widely applied in CZPT cellular industries, digital and electric merchandise, commodity, pipeline & fittings, precise equipment and so on, which can be alternatively of the bronze, Zinc, tin and other metals.

Other than POM-H is usually copolymerized with ethylene oxide collectively, in purchase to stay away from the melting of POM materials in the large temperature. POM-H has the much better performances than POM-C in its higher crystalline, mechanical strength and rigidity. And POM-C has the better performances than POM-H in its low melting position, temperature security, fluxion characteristic and machining capacity.
Father much more, POM-H+PTFE, which is manufactured from the Delrin POM Resin that maxed Teflon fiber symmetrically, has the reduced co-productive of frication, great lubrication, use-resistance, CZPT -creepage resistance.

Vehicle industries: POM has a big application in car industries, because the mechanical parts produced by POM, which has the benefits of substantial mechanical toughness, substantial hardness, excellent put on-resistance, reduced co-productive of friction, straightforward to keep, reducing price and so on, can be employed in vehicles instead of coppery fifty percent stalk and planet gear. It not only saving copper components, but also improving provider daily life. At the engine gas technique, components for hose valves and situation cover of radiator, cooling fluid’s standby scenario, water valve, oil box’ include, pump impeller, shell of gasification device and accelerator pedal and so on.

Digital and electric powered Industries: Due to the fact of its reduced CZPT consuming, high dielectric power and insulation resistance and digital arc resistance, POM has commonly used in electronic and electrical Industries, this sort of as: Shell of digital spanner, shell of digital scissors, shell of coal drilling equipment, deal with of change, areas also for mobile phone, wireless recorder, video clip tape recorder, tv, personal computer, electrograph, calculagraph, bracket of recorder tape and so on.

Agricultural machine: Portion of manual sprayer, joint and transport element of seeder, components of milk device, shell of irrigation and drainage, valve, joint and bush of water and so on.

Other area:
Pharmacy & packing CZPT : Transporting screw, planet gear, equipment bar, chain wheel and cushion bar and so on.
Building industries: Water faucet, window body, clean pot, water tank, pulley for portiere, shell of drinking water meter and tie-in of water pipe.

Property Product No. Device POM-C POM-H POM-H+PTFE
Mechanical Houses one Density g/cm3 one.41 one.forty three one.fifty
2  Water absorption(23ºCin air) % .20 .twenty .17
three Tensile energy MPa sixty eight 78 55
4 Tensile pressure at crack % 35 35 ten
5 Compressive anxiety(at 2%nominal strain) MPa 35 40 37
six Charpy impact power (unnotched) KJ/m 2 ≥150 ≥200 ≥30
7 Charpy affect power (notched) KJ/m two seven ten three
8 Tensile modulus of elasticity MPa 3100 3600 3200
9 Ball indentation hardness N/mm two 140 a hundred and sixty one hundred forty
  10 Rockwell hardness M84 M88 M84

The teeth of a one pitch sprocket mesh with one particular tooth per sprocket. Double pitch sprockets appear like solitary pitch sprockets, but the chain only meshes with the other enamel. This means that a double-pitch sprocket has the very same variety of teeth as a solitary-pitch sprocket, but only fifty percent of the enamel are engaged with the chain. The main difference is that the double pitch sprockets are lower with a unique pitch circle diameter for ideal engagement. For ep roller chains, the sprockets are the very same if the quantity of teeth is 32 or much more for single and double chains.
China Customized Self - Lubricating Fatigue Resistant POM Sprocket with ce certificate top quality Good price